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Dexterity Management partners with organizations to help them be more productive and effective in achieving their missions. We accomplish this through focused support, collaboration, and systems change. Dexterity Management has worked in private, non profit, government and educational sectors across a spectrum of topics. Dexterity’s work is distinguished by its depth of thought, thoroughness of approach, and distillation of next steps to support clients in advancing their efforts.

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Molly Singer, CEO of Dexterity Management

Molly first noticed her love of making order out of chaos when she was a small child. At a new friend’s house for the day, when asked what she wanted to do, Molly strongly suggested that they “redd-up” the friend’s room, borrowing a phrase from her Midwestern origins that means to make order and straighten. Molly’s skills in communication and diplomacy have improved over the intervening years, but her desire to create stability and help others make their way through ambiguity has remained constant. She has taken her skills and experience to help clients from all sectors — government, education, non profit and private — collaboratively advance their ideas for making the world a better place.

Dexterity Management’s logo and name represent Molly’s commitment to approaching challenges from many angles and leveraging the skills and resources at hand to create better outcomes. This includes helping teams through strategy sessions, finding funding solutions, creating new work flows, contingency planning and more. Molly’s love of details and order translate into her personal life where she enjoys rehabilitating historic homes, knitting and gardening. She also has a deep aesthetic appreciation of urban infrastructure, adaptive reuse of materials and functional art. When not in DC or the Shenandoah Mountains, Molly may be travelling the world, making crayon rubbings of urban infrastructure elements like sewer covers or signs.