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DexMgmt on sabbatical but still musing . . .

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photo(15) I am enjoying the summer with family members seeing the world through the eyes of children, which are so clear and delightful.  I’ve also recently traveled to SW Virginia to enjoy more bluegrass than John Deere. Because I am so busy enjoying myself, I am taking a blog sabbatical for three months.On my sabbatical, I am developing new management and leadership materials to help you be more productive and focused in your daily life, on your work team and in your organizational management.
Stay tuned in the Fall of 2014 for new Dexterity Management methods and tools that you can use to translate your vision into operational outcomes and achieve your goals: whether they are personal, professional or organizational. 
And in 2015, please join me for  trainings and webinars detailing specific Dexterity Methods that you can apply to your life and work.

In the meanwhile, here are a few things that are keeping me busy:

Non Fiction:  Body of Work: Finding the Thread That Ties Your Story Together.  Slim, Pamela

This book is a great handbook and tutorial that helps individuals with diverse work backgrounds and entrepreneurial skill illustrate the connectedness among their knowledge, experience and attitudes.

Also I recently read: Choose Yourself by James Altucher which is a entrepreneur-meets-self-help book with some good guidelines and really friendly writing about how to create your own best work and maintain your priorities and principles.  Here is a link to a YouTube video of the author.

FictionIn Sunlight and In Shadow by Mark Helprin.  He is one of my favorite novelists.  He writes in long beautiful prose with a fantastic use of magical realism.  It takes me forever to get through his tomes, but I am always glad for having invested the time.  I started my Helprin reading A Soldier of the Great War.  If someone had told me what the book was about before I started, I never would have picked it up, that is how far afield it was from my usual interest area.  Nevertheless, I read every one of the many many many pages of it and loved it.  But — I am not going to tell you what it is about.

Wonder by R. J, Palacio.  I read this book with my nieces and it was a great children’s book (ages 8-11) about compassion, empathy and getting past our own perceptions of people.

MeditationHeadspace is a meditation App which I used to kickstart a lapsed meditation practice.  I found it a useful tool to re-engage myself.  I appreciate two things about this app.  First, it tells us that not focusing during meditation is part of the process and absolutely okay.  I find that too many meditation tools and practices have an un-stated goal that you will actually reach a meditative state, rather than simply journeying towards a meditative state.  Second, I tried a 10 minute Headspace segment with my ten year old nieces who had not ever heard the word before and they loved it!  They became comfortable really quickly.  I hope they stick with it because what 10 year old does not need  extra tools to focus?! There are some particularly compelling animations that illustrate meditation concepts well.  Go figure excellent meditation animation – what luck!
Podcasts:  I have listened to a few of James Altucher’s podcast which I find to be refreshing and amusing.  He is a strong believer in defining your own work and life terms with some basic good living elements to guide you.  In his podcasts, he interviews random interesting people and his interview style is quite forthright—he’ll really pushes people for an answer and to get to the bottom of an issue.  I give him credit for that.  He has two podcasts The James Altucher Show and Ask Altucher. I like the Show better than ask Altucher, because the latter can be rambling – but who can’t be rambling when they are passionate about something?!
 baby 3 Idle Hands are . .  I finished a baby blanket for my niece’s baby who was just born.  This is an improvisational M.C. Escher-type blanket that I think will be a great contrast in black and white while the little one’s vision is coming into focus

Thanks all for appreciating my sabbatical and I hope you are enjoying your summer!







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