Get Out of Your Own Brain to Get Happy

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I find rocks soothing.

I find rocks soothing.

When you feel like you are going out of our mind, I think the best solution is to do just that.

 Lately I have been vacillating among numbness, sadness and panic.  All makes me feel like I am not as mentally engaged with the world as I wish I were.  So, my antidote to this feeling it to “go out of my mind,” . . . to stop thinking so hard and re-direct my energy into more life-affirming

Ongoing wars and oppression, government shut down, shooting at the Navy Yard, shooting at the US Capitol, husband away for two weeks, and being called to serve on a jury . . . it seems like lots of bad and sad things are piling up on my life scale.  These things have me working hard to keep my optimism.  Nevertheless, now is exactly when I need the optimism and perseverance the most.  Below are my strategies to ensure that I maintain it:

  • Go out of my mind . . . or rather get out of my mind . . . and into my body.  Exercise is vital to keeping an optimist outlook, staving off depression, and being able to think on a higher level in a more creative way.
  •  Nurture and nest . . . finding peace at home and connecting with creative and nurturing practices reinforces my sense of self reliance and dedication to my core values.  And there are a few babies who are going to be well dressed this winter because of it.  broom
  • Clean and clean out.   I find cleaning and organizing really cathartic.  I feel very productive, yet with a zen-like idleness when I am cleaning.  In fact, I think I come closer to a meditative state when I am cleaning than when I am (trying to) meditate.
  • Turn off the media . . . how many ways do you need to be told and re-told that there are wars, the government is shut down and whatever other items are plagueng your psyche?  We know that it is a 24-hour news cycle, but not much is happening, so to quote my mother, turn off the boob tube. . . . and facebook, twitter, etc.
  • Hang out with kids:  they will cheer you up, frustrate you in new ways and otherwise never ever ask a question about your opinion of Congress or civic strife.  They may query about which truck in their collection you like better, or whether you think it is weird to color the grass purple.

childs play


Harvard agrees with me . . . Check out this article (and more below in the Give and Take) about how not working can provide so many work dividends in terms of ideas, productivity and management.

See the Give and Take for some good books which inform my ideas.   My tactics might make your skin crawl and increase your anxiety . . . the point is to identify what takes you to the happy place and to get there.

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